• Welcome to Order Collective

    We are Order Collective, a corp based in Metropolis geared towards operating in a group environment. Members have a voice in running the corporation, and everybody shares in the fortunes.

    Formed based on a desire for active group activities, Order Collective offers clear advancement paths and provides a voice for all active members.

  • Message From Durallian

    I just wanted to publically say Thank You to everyone for your support in the last week or so. This has been really appreciated by both myself and the Guardians

    I'm beginning to get to grips with the detail of this website but please bear with me if I'm slow responding or some things don't seem to work they were intended.

  • Message From The Founder

    I've been in a number corps, and most were Benevolent Dictatorships. That was fine, until the leader had to be gone, then the corp was kind of aimless.

    In addition, there wasn't a way in which you were rewarded for the effort you put into a corp. I would run missions and pay taxes, but the miners would keep all their money, and we both had the same benefits. Didn't make sense and made me frustrated.

    I started Order Collective to address these issues. It's designed around a corporate structure that can continue even if the leader is absent.

    I hope you'll give us a shot and find a great home!

  • Organization

    Members belong to one or more Orders. Orders are set up along certain areas, such as mission running or mining.

    Each order has a person in charge of it. They are responsible for setting goals and directions. There are also assistants that help new players and maintain certain logistical operations.

    There are set goals within each order that helps provide new players direction on what to do. Completing these goals provides privilege, discounts, and standings with the corp.

    As members progress in the corp, they earn the right to vote. As they complete more, their votes carry more power.

    The ceo resides over all of these orders providing guidance and direction for the corp as a whole.

  • Member Login

    Key ID and V-Code

    CCP has recently changed how API keys work. There is no longer a single user id, a limited api, and a full api. Now you can customize exactly what is exposed, to whom, and for how long.

    If you haven't yet, click here to generate a new key and v-code. Make sure you are exposing all your characters and all the reports. You should also set it so there is no expiry date.

    The entry on the api page should have an ID (which you will use as you id), a Name, a Verification Code. Under Character it should read 'All', Type should read 'Character', Access Mask should read '134217727', and Expires should read '-'

    Key Id